A Secret Weapon From RIM to Attract Customers : BlackBerry 10 Aristo

Research in Motion is always ready to deliver Best in Smart Mobile Market, if this leak holds true, RIM will back as Dominant Player. We have seen an official specification of Blackberry 10 Aristo over the Internet. Aristo is the Greek word, which means “The Best”. According to specifications listed here could only mean RIM is damn serious about claiming, “RIM is the Best” in the market once.

Over the past few years, RIM is suffering from some down fall in the Market, but this year RIM will bring some revolution to Mobile Market by launching some fabulous smart phones. They took the business world by storm by innovative a work-oriented phone while Apple was busy playing around.

RIM’s future has tied so securely to a single handset. It is the BlackBerry Aristo and their creators are excruciatingly aware of how important for it is.

The big secret of BB 10 Aristo is that it will run on QNX OS platform. You have never heard about it. But, it is everywhere. The nearly universal operating system runs on mostly electronics devices that colonize our metropolitan universe. In coming years, you will find QNX OS running on the electronics in most cars, credit card machines, ticket counters and in parking meters.

By joining RIM’s QNX OS, Surely you will get very close to electronic systems. RIM can offer unprecedented communications. That means the BlackBerry

Aristo embedded with the technology to seamlessly link with your car, the local ATM, the credit card machine at the checkout counter and the parking meter on the street.

Its name is “The Best” and it is packed so full of specs reviewing. In fact, it is so good that it may even bring some Blackberry lovers back to the fold. Here are a few reasons why :

The 4.65-inch Display

This is the monster size screen that provides view for playing heavy graphics games and sharing your memorable HD videos. AMOLED display with 1280×720 pixel at the 16:9 aspect ratio that we all have waiting for. This phone is going to make that experience exponentially better.

The Quad-Core Processor

Surprisingly, The BB 10 Aristo will run on fast-paced 1.5 GHz QUALCOMM Krait quad core processor with the access to 2GB of RAM. With this kind of processor, the web browsing and gaming will be fast.

Audio over Haul 

Two microphones are common, but having four with Noise reduction Wind band AMR is just bonus. Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate uses a speech compression technique to increase the audio bandwidth to 7 kHz.

SIM Mystery 

Sim remain to be a mystery for upcoming BlackBerry 10 Aristo. Most probably, it will adopt MicroSIM. Although, there will be some chances of NanoSIM.

The Battery Backup

The Aristo will be packed with a 2800 mAh battery. The downside, it will be a sealed battery with a non-removable door. Given that, it will be 8.85mm in thickness. It stands 20 hours in a day for multimedia use.

The Storage

No its not a huge as compared to upcoming Apple iPhone 6 with 128 GB internal storage (rumor). Each BlackBerry will come with 16GB built in storage. You can upgrade that via a MicroSD card and add up to 64GB more. That is enough for bundles of apps, music, HD movies that make the Aristo had better from others smart phones.

Rest Feature overview given below in the slide, which is officially presented by RIM for internal use.

However, if you are fully satisfied with features and specification, you should go ahead and buy. Blackberry has been making serious strides towards creating a dynamic market place with full of exciting, fully integrated apps that you cannot find in Windows, Apple or Android.

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